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Recognized by many as one of the premier whitewater parks in the nation, Kelly’s Whitewater Park showcases RWE’s excellence in the development of  superb recreational whitewater features that integrate with riverside trails and community facilities. The project was built on the vision of Gary Lacy, PE and Shane Sigle, PE and includes an international competition level feature, and intermediate feature, a beginner channel, and associated access points. The project has put Cascade, Idaho on the map as a whitewater destination and complements the nearby whitewater runs on the Payette River.


Our work included all phases of design from feasibility to construction management.

University of Idaho’s 2011 Economic Impact of Kelly’s Whitewater Park in Cascade, Idaho reported that the park brought in approximately $600,000, provided 7.5 seasonal jobs, and attracted over 40,000 visitors (15,000 of which had never visited Valley County.)

Date Completed: July  2010
Project Cost: $1M
World Champion Eric Jackson on the “Big Nasty” wave

“Kelly’s whitewater park has been recognized by many kayaking athletes as one of the premier whitewater parks in the country.”

The project was completed under a contract with Recreation Engineering and Planning

Kelly's Whitewater Park

Cascade, Idaho


River access points attracting boaters and picnickers alike to enjoy the river.
A local enjoying the beginner channel
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