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The newly opened Montrose Whitewater Park has already proven to be a hit with local paddlers. The park boast six usable whitewater features not only during the spring snowmelt, but during the shoulder season when whitewater parks are most valuable. Shane Sigle, PE was involved in hydraulic modeling to ensure an existing diversion was maintained while creating a whitewater amenity out of an existing low value cross-vane structure.

Additionally, Shane consulted and directed design on the fish passages and associated habitat.

Finally, Shane oversaw portions of the construction of the structures and directed bank and access improvements. The park is quickly becoming a signature amenity for the Montrose community.

“It’s a great use of an already great amenity. It’s wonderful to see the attention turning

back to the river” - John Malloy,  - Montrose Superintendent

Note: Project lead consultant was Recreation Engineering and Planning

“I’ve never had more luck than I’ve

had over the past couple weeks

(fishing). They did a great job, and

it’s neat to watch the kayakers too”

Doug Sellars (fisherman at the Park)

Montrose White Water Park

Montrose, Colorado


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