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The Buffalo Creek Park Dam Mitigation Project highlights RWE’s services in dam modification, fish passage, wetland monitoring, and sediment transport. RWE was hired to improve hydrology and fish passage on Buffalo Creek while reducing safety concerns of a low head dam nearing the end of its engineered life. An in depth sediment transport and floodplain analysis was required to assess the impact of dam removal on fish and wetland habitat. In addition RWE designed a series of grade control structures to minimize the impact of dam removal on surrounding wetlands area while attracting fish and providing passage upstream.

 “A mitigation project benefits the ecological health of the currently impaired Buffalo Creek (restoring connectivity for fish and mussel passage) and provides new recreation opportunities for paddlers and fishermen.”  -Linn County Parks

Date Completed: October 2017
Project Cost: $860,000

“Buffalo Creek is the largest tributary of the Wapsipinicon River, and the dam has affected the aquatic habitat both up and downstream.” - The Gazette

an example of the expected final product
The remnants of the dam after the second stage of removal.

Buffalo Creek Park Dam Mitigation/Modification

Linn County, Iowa


Before picture showing the Buffalo Creek Park Dam
Wetlands Monitoring
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