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The Great Miami River through the City of Dayton is a highly urbanized stretch of river that includes multiple bridges, flood levees, concrete walls, and a fatal low head dam. RWE staff was involved in the floodplain modeling for this project, the hydraulic analysis, sediment transport analysis, permitting, and design review process.


The initial stage of the project was completed in the spring of 2016 and has proven to be a hit with the community.

“Rivers always have been the lifeblood of great cities,” Ervin said.
“RiverScape MetroPark has been so successful in bringing people to the river. Now, River Run will get people into the river."

Date Completed: Spring 2016
Project Cost: $3.2M

The project was completed under a contract with Recreation Engineering and Planning

Dayton Riverscape Park Dam Modification

Dayton, Ohio


 After: A valuable recreational feature
Before: A deadly lowhead dam
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