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The Harvie Passage project is a good example of RWE staff's work with  instream diversion structures. This project uses instream modifications to mitigate public safety risks of the Bow River Weir which has been the site of numerous fatal accidents. RWE’s task included product testing and recommendations to effectively turn a dangerous liability into a public amenity. The project features 12 whitewater features including a novice boater channel.  These instream structures integrate with bank improvements including stone terracing, vegetation, and trail shoulder terracing to improve river access and viewing points while providing stabilization to high use areas. RWE completed this project with Recreation Engineering and Planning (REP) and Northwest Hydraulics Consultants (NHC).

“We can see a lot more people out there surfing and practicing tricks, we will have a world class surfing/wave/hole feature here that anybody can come to and have some fun at.”  - Chuck Lee (Alberta Whitewater Association

Date Completed: Underway
Estimated by Spring 2018
Project Cost: $16M
Trails are incorporated into bank stabilization for natural feel and function. 

This project is the largest recreational, safety improvement in North America.

The project was completed under a contract with Recreation Engineering and Planning


Harvie Passage

Calgary, Alberta


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