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Located on Clear Creek alongside Interstate 70 , the Lawson Whitewater Park’s primary focus was to revitalize a disturbed area of the river that had been detrimentally impacted by I-70 construction.  Project design incorporated attractive bank terracing and river walks along with instream structures to provide a recreational amenity along with river access in a previously damaged river corridor. The whitewater features where designed to provide playboat wavess for a variety of abilities while  allowing the river to run in a healthy state. Handicapped accessible trails at the put-ins and take-outs along with new parking areas and restroom facilities allow the park to be accessible by anyone looking for an exciting or quite day down by the river.

 “This wonderful facility isn’t just for boats, it is also fishing access, all kinds of recreation, and I think that is a really good side of Clear Creek County for us all to try and develop.”  - Pete Helseth, Chairman of Clear Creek Open Space

Date Completed: Spring 2010
Project Cost: $400,000
Trails are incorporated into bank stabilization for natural feel and function. 

Lawson Whitewater Park transformed a severely impacted riparian corridor into an attractive and enjoyable recreational amenity.


Lawson, Colorado


The Clear Creek community enjoys the new whitewater from the bank and boat. 
Kayakers getting playtime in one of the holes. 

the project was completed under a contract with Recreation Engineering and Planning

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