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The Siloam Springs Kayak Park is another one-of-a-kind project involving Riverwise Engineering, LLC. Shane Sigle, PE was the visionary behind the project and led all stages of design, construction, engineering, permitting, and management of the project. The project includes two recreational whitewater

features, a waterfall swimming area, climbing wall, changing area, multiple access points, and trails troughout the park. The park was designed with a 60 space parking lot and weekend traffic regularly fills the park with 30-40 spots filled in the adjacent roadside areas. The park has been a huge hit with the city and currently attracts users from the multi-state region.

“They’ve taken a natural feature that was already here on the river and enhanced it with stone and concrete & made it into a much more friendly but challenging whitewater spot”  - Steve Runnels, Arkansas Canoe Club Liaison

“It has been a great success for the community, and its sixty space parking lot is regularly filled with cars of park users”

Rob Brothers  - Walton Family Foundation

The project was completed under a contract with Recreation Engineering and Planning

Siloam Springs Kayak Park

Siloam Springs, Arkansas


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