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Dam Modifications

Our design team strives to lead dam modifications that include whitewater features, fish passage, and habitat enhancement. Our dam modification projects range from complete removal and restoration of the channel to partial removal and creation of stepped drop structures or rock arch rapid style drops. We have the tools and experience to guide your community through the process from feasibility to alternatives to modification of your dam.

Whitewater Parks

Our team has been involved in all aspects of whitewater parks from initial public meetings to construction observations for approximately 20 parks across the country including Kelly’s Whitewater Park in Cascade, Idaho, the Siloam Springs Whitewater Park in Arkansas, and the Charles City Whitewater Park in Iowa. We have been responsible for approximately 30 whitewater features with many hosting national level competitions.

Instream Diversions

Our experience with diversion structures include weir structures for recreational wave creation, boulder grade control structures for headwater and tailwater regulation, and upstream fish passage structures. Our design team regularly incorporates instream diversion into our unique river project solutions.

Numerical Modeling

Our team has one-, two- and three- dimensional hydraulic modeling capabilities ranging from fish passage and aquatic habitat to whitewater feature optimization. Our modeling team is familiar with regulatory softwares used through the industry such as HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, TR-20, TR-55, River2D, and Fluent®.

Natural Channel Restoration

Our principal completed his Master’s Degree studying natural channel restoration techniques and their effects on sediment transport. Our design team regularly incorporates natural channel design techniques into our river projects.

Sediment Transport

Our team is capable of sediment transport services ranging from field sediment collection to 2-dimensional modeling. We are capable of doing transport studies associated with instream structures such as bridge piers, grade control structures, and whitewater features.

Floodplain Management

Our capabilities include floodplain modeling associated with developments inside the 100-year water surface, instream features and other encroachments on the floodway, and potential regulatory issues related to any type of development near waterways. 


Tribal lands within North America contain valuable water resources with unique constraints and challenges. We have experience working with Tribal staff on management, conservation, and utilization of those resources.

Water Resources

Our capabilities include water resource planning as it relates to large scale management of water resources funded by projects such as the 319B program, down to individual property owners wishing to create a pond within their property. Our diverse set of skills provides a big picture view of the challenges your project may face and how to get through them.

Site Planning

Capabilities include civil site planning related to developments, expansions, and property modifications. We have skills related to utility layout, building envelopes, stormwater drainage, and local permitting processes.  

River Safety Professionals

Our team has been involved in multiple expert testimony cases related to low head dam drownings and river safety incidents. We also provide support, guidance, and safety consulting related to river projects. Our team includes swiftwater rescue technicians, whitewater professionals, and river safety stewards.

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See Examples:  santa rita

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