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Manchester Whitewater Park is the newest addition to the growing number of ‘urban’ whitewater parks in Iowa. Located in historic downtown Manchester, this 6-drop feature park provides fun and challenge to standup paddle boarders, kayakers, tubers, and swimmers for years to come. The fishing has already increased dramatically and is sure to continue to improve. The beautiful setting makes it ideal for families to sit and enjoy the river scene. The project earned Manchester “River Town of the Year” award for 2015.


Our staff completed all aspects of the project from feasibility and conceptual design through construction management .

 “It was a way for them to say that this will improve the downtown and turn the river that was kind of a backyard into the front yard,” said City Manager Timothy Vick. “They were able to show that for every person in the water, there’s usually four people on the bank.”

The Manchester Whitewater Park is a great example of fish habitat improvement and fishing access enhancement. –Dan Kirby, IDNR Biologist

Date Completed: Spring 2015
Project Cost: $2,100,000

The project was completed under a contract with Recreation Engineering and Planning

Manchester Whitewater Park

Manchester, Iowa


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